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Problems With Google Adwords


Problems With Google Adwords


Problems With Google Adwords

Everyday I examine mixed experiences with Google Adwords. skilled marketers rave regarding its innovative methodology of determinative ad relevancy by factorisation in click-through rates, whereas beginners complain that they cant get a functioning account up and running. Let the reality regarding the Google Adwords system be told: exploitation click-through rates verify} performance and determine evaluation helps change the editorial method and maximize profits, however it doesn't increase the relevancy of web site listings to user queries.web site listings to user queries.

As is commonly the case, Googles logic is inaccurate. to see whether or not a web site has relevancy to the key phrases being bid on, it's not enough to live the speed at that users click on a list. this is often as a result of a billboard listing doesn't need to be Associate in Nursing correct indicator of web site has relevancy to the key phrases being bid on, it's not enough to live the speed at that users click on a list. this is often as a result of a billboard listing doesn't need to be Associate in Nursing correct indicator of a sites content. the foremost obvious samples of this square measure listings that seem for a proprietary name. once a user searches for GreenPath Debt Solutions he/she is sorting out that specific company. alternative firms that provide similar services aren't relevant to it question, however alternative firms dominate the search results. To a great extent, ads can mislead the user, and advertisers take advantage of this fact.

It is even debatable whether high click-through rates indicate that a listing is relevant to a users query. This is because click-through rates increase dramatically for higher rankings or for ad text that repeats a users query. Consider an ad that moves from the number one position to the number eight position. Its click-through rate will certainly decrease, but the ad text cannot be less relevant because it is exactly the same as it was before. Consider an ad that has a synonym for a users query written in the text. If you change the synonym to the exact query, it will show up in boldface type, and its click-through rate will increase. But the meaning of its content is the same, so it cant be more relevant. If changes that dont alter the meaning of an ads text can impact click-through rates, an ads CTR must not be a good indicator of an ads relevance to a user query.

Adwords system does have advantages, mostly for advertisers and for Google. Listings become active faster, and ad text is easy to change. Googles system is more instantaneous, but it all comes at a price. Adwords is more complicated and difficult to manage in-house without a crash-course, largely because of quirks that surface due to the CTR factor. In addition, keyphrase hijacking and spam impressions are starting to become a concern. Despite its advantages, the CTR system causes problems for advertisers and problems for Google.

But what I want to do, what nobody else has seriously done, is look at the system from the point of view of the user. The fact is this: for each business related query there are usually tons of company sites that are all equally relevant Adwords cant miss on these queries. But when it comes to more specific queries -- queries where there arent as many relevant sites -- Adwords system doesnt deliver good results. My favorite query is national debt. You will be happy to know that you can find new and used National Debt on E-bay or Find the Inside Scoop on Debt Consolidation Loans & Credit Cards on When it comes to very general queries queries where an extremely large number of sites are relevant Adwords system once again does not deliver good results. Click-through rates are too low to sustain these types of keyphrases.

Adwords treats general queries as if nothing is relevant to them, when the opposite is true. Here we have two important cases when Adwords doesnt deliver good results -- two important arguments for the use of human editors.
From the point of view of the user, Googles search engine system continues to range from mediocre to poor. Its worst features generate the most profits. Advertisers, marketers, and investors applaud as Google drives down the quality of the users internet experience. Adwords bidding system is one example; sick discuss a lot of within the future.

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